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Interactive COMMUNITY singing sessions

for people of all abilities and ages

WE use the transformative power

of singing

To heal the body

To soothe the soul

To feed the spirit

To inspire the mind

To encourage creativity

To connect generations

To support diversity of our cultures

To empower the youth

To build stronger communities

let us sing together!

Best part? WE TRAVEL to you!

online workshops are a great way for professionals, caregivers and volunteers to learn about benefits and techniques of therapeutic singing

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our programmes in 2024

Sing To Gather CirclesSing To Gather Circles
Lullabies For LifeLullabies For Life
Music for ALS MNDMusic for ALS MND
Songs For ComfortSongs For Comfort

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MAY 2024

sing4change moved

from boston, usa

to oxford, uk

local programmes to be announced soon!

community singing circles

since 2014

A Group of Women Singing Together
Group of elementary students singing in choir at school.

a song and a recipe

connecting our cultures:

a crowdsourced research project

  Traditional Indian Soup Lentils

the ancient way to bond, teach and nurture: parent education and support

African American mother singing lullaby for infant to sleep
Father and Baby Son

therapeutic music for seniors:

community and zoom live sessions!

Asian Senior Man Sleep Well

sound support for lives affected by als / mnd

since 2013


building resilience and community support

Happy youth

random scientific facts, folk stories, virtual sing-alongs and free singing tips

meet your guide

ALISA APRELEVA, PhD, MT-BC, is an award-winning singer and composer, researcher, music therapist, ethnomusicologist, and community educator CURRENTLY affiliated with OXFORD UNIVERSITY

She believes in singing as a natural bridge between people of all cultures, ages and abilities, and the key to our wellbeing - both individually and socially.

Alisa inherited village singing traditions from her kin in rural Eastern Europe, where she spent her early childhood. Bringing the benefits of therapeutic singing to everyone - from before birth and throughout life - has been the focus of her life for the past decade.

Her international advocacy included overseeing interactive music programs for orphanages and nursing homes in the former USSR, supporting oncology patients during chemo treatment, supervising music therapy students at Berklee College of Music (USA), and singing in special education classrooms, psychiatric hospitals, dementia and stoke units, birthing suites, refugee centers and community centers all around the world.

Alisa's pioneering biomedical research on benefits of singing for persons with ALS / MND at The Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research (UK) was acknowledged by a personal grant from The Stephen Hawking Foundation.

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Our pledge is to make singing inclusive, accessible and enjoyable for people of all abilities, ages and walks of life.

Every our workshop is unique - because we tailor it to the needs and preferences of each participant. In real time.

We strive to create accessible environments for our fellow singers - in person and online.

A universal way of human communication, singing is a joy we can all share!


salem cultural council

Massachusetts, USA


mass cultural council

Massachusetts, USA

Would you like to sing for change with your community?

LET US work together to MAKE IT HAPPEN!